Abnotix Digital excels in developing 2D character animations. Character animation with a purpose built approach clearly translates your vision to your customers.. We have an aesthetically aware team of designers and digital content strategists that produce content according to your businesses needs and requirements.

Abnotix Digital has seen what clicks for brands and how to formulate a script that establishes your brand in the eyes of the customers, from the initial discussions with customers to storyboarding the idea itself branching of more thoughts and deliveries from a single pitch, our creative content writers work on a concise and impactful script for the animated video.
Once A script is prepared and approved by the client we start working on the masterpiece itself, like the silent movies of yesteryears, we start by creating single frames on high tech software showing the customer the sequence in which the entire animation will roll itself out, This helps in speeding the approval process as any scene that does not hit home run on the first impression can be edited.

After Approval of the Initial frame by frame draft we work on adding the Sound to our Mime. Audio and Video Sync is done using state of the art software to ensure smooth transition and picture perfect knockout moments for your customer.
Our boxing style animations are created to deliver impactful moments thus reinforcing your brand in your customer and creating a burning desire of brand loyalty in their choices. From Basic Colors to which sound to use and what animation to use we take a microscopic look into everything.