Increasing cyber security and concerns over data privacy have heightened users and their queries regarding privacy policy of their data usage by commercial entities. Abnotix Digital & Co is a registered Company with interest vested with our customers, we believe in transparency especially when it comes to customer information and/or data collection. We avoid spamming customers and follow a strict set of international laws and policies with a set of guidelines in order to maintain a workable and legal environment online. Our privacy policy is subject to change overtime but certain longlasting elements remain the same. We advise you to read our privacy policies and terms & conditions in detail so that we can start our business relation in the right direction.

Collection of User’s information

Customer’s Information is divided into two major segments: “Non-Personal Information” collected Automatically from our website analytics and other resources and “Personal Information” collected directly from the users themselves. These are followed with discretion from our side.

Non Personal Information:

Non Personal Information contains your IP, browser, language settings and access times, user sessions on the website, your activity on the website etc.

Personal Information:

Information collected from users via email,chat, or during the course of their business with abnotix Digital, Your Personal Information contains: email, phone number, home and work physical,email addresses, due to billing we also temporarily collect your financial information for a single session usage.

The email address collected from you is only used to send you important notifications, announcements, special offers and blog posts. We do not spam inboxes. However, you can unsubscribe from getting emails anytime.

All this information is for our record purpose. We don’t sell or leak our database information to anyone. If you want to review or revise your provided information, you can easily do it from My Account section.

Your Data Security is Something We Take Seriously:

Trust between Abonotix Digital and our Customers is worth more to us than anything offered. We would never engage in any illicit data exchange because our goodwill is worth more than any marketing out there.

Children Policy

Abnotix Digital firmly controls that we don’t involve in any sort of business underage persons. So anyone under national legal Adulthood age is not encouraged to further surf this website.

External Linking Policy

As part of SEO, we do have external links with third party sites with their own privacy policy, we are not responsible for any liabilities in regard to them, we don’t advertise any or allow external link apart from showing them as source in our blogs


Connect with us at to send your testimonial texts,videos, images will post them on our social media and website. Your testimonials are important for us as a business as it encourages others to avail our services and improves upon our legitimacy and credibility

Legal Disclaimer

Abnotix Digital & Co have a right to disclose your personal information in wake of any legal action or to comply with the relevant laws. We may provide the non-personal and personal information to investigation agencies upon asking.

Changes in this policy

This privacy policy is depending upon the occasional revisions. If we make changes in any of its points or add any new points, we’ll notify you by sending email to the email address you provided to us. Also we’ll push notifications in your dashboard.


Furthermore, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about this privacy policy, feel free to contact us via emailing at or you can call us at +1 281 671 6346.