Are You Eyeing the top rankings for your business on search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a targeted mix of on-website and off-website strategies and practices that help your business push through competition on Google Rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is all about placing the right content in a correct manner and connecting your website with other higher-ranked websites in a strategic manner to increase your chances of top ten rankings.

Ranking on any search engine ranking is part of the strategy, the primary motivator for seo is to have a steady flow of customers that actually have the user intent for your product or services.

While On-Page Strategies such as content and website optimization have remained similar, its off page seo strategies that have changed overtime towards a more content focused and user experience based techniques. Off seo strategies today constitute more than 80% of your direct/referral and 100% of your organic traffic making it the most important part of your website.

A key pivot of it was the increase use of mobiles and smartphones that have changed how your user interacts with your website, with Google recommending Progressive web pages and accelerated web apps for mobile websites to increase conversion and usability seo has changed tables for a more easy and readable medium with websites with FAQ, blog and case studies section performing better than those without them.

At abnotix we solely provide white hat seo as the search engines have become much smarter than any grey hat or balck hat seo might end suspending dominion search engines. We also believe in creating user centric strategies which help your business relate and associate with your business.

App Store Optimization & SEO for Ecommerce:

Ecommerce and App Stores today are dominant players in online business with a majority of physical business transitioning towards a more digital platform. Our team has ample experience on how to optimize shopify and similar stores to increase organic traffic and rank better on search engines. SEO is a complete platform when it comes to App stores, since most apps are competing on the same section, keeping your copy content to the point and optimizing as per the mindset of your customer is very important.

App store optimization works on a model different to conventional seo thus making it a niche which few dabble into. At Abnotix Digital we have a dedicated Team of Experts that worked on Optimization of applications thus we understand the intricacies involved while optimizing your application for ranking better on the play store and Apple Store.

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