Social Media Marketing Services

A major part of disrupting the legacy advertisement market, social media marketing has changed the entire ball game for advertisers. Facebook Marketing has been ballooning continuously and other social media platforms are rapidly catching up. Social Media Marketing brings your business directly in front of potential customers.

Facebook the Game Changer:

Facebook turned the tables with its aggressive push for the social network and it started pushing it towards businesses with its business page and advertisement tools such as communities, facebook places and its purchase of Instagram, WhatsApp.

Our team of Facebook certified professionals devise strategies for businesses as per their size, audience pool and their goals.

This includes giving clients quarterly strategies for marketing on social media and how to connect your website or web store with it.

Target Professions with LinkedIn Marketing:

LinkedIn stands tall separate from the others when it comes to the Big Five of Social Media. Its not as casual as Facebook nor as youth focused as Instagram, Snapchat. Its a micro chatting platform like Telegram or a microblogging site like twitter, reddit and Quora. LinkedIn from start was the Professional Social Network and the toughest nut to crack for any marketer. Its amazing database of nearly 900 million Professionals from across the globe makes LinkedIn a gold mine for any services based business.

A platform so concrete in terms of B2b Marketing that even giants such as Amazon Want to be on its good side. We are glad to have expertise in marketing your business LinkedIn and using its powerful user base for our business goals.

LinkedIn marketing is sole based on detailed articles, group based networking and having a solid brand story to sell off. Your customer is much more literate and aware of the usual run of the mill sales strategies thus you need to be creative yet retain a professional and a corporate outlook for your business.

Chinese Social Media:

Wechat continuously outranked most of the popular social media platforms and messaging applications even though it’s only used in one Country :China. China and its massive human populace has become the unilateral arbitrator for the digital world. American businesses constantly face a tough ordeal targeting China and its amazing market base because of lack of expertise on chinese social media websites. At abnotix Digital our digital head has ample experience working with grass root chinese companies and their promotion on chinese social media sites like sina weibo, qq, baidu and wechat. We specialize in promoting your business to the chinese market.

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